This document refers to versions older than 0.98


The installation process is very straightforward:

  1. download the component, the module (optional),  and the 2 plugins (optional) from this site or from the project site .
  2. use Joomla! installer accordingly.
  3. done


The component comes with its configuration menu. Parameters are quite easy to understand, especially if you have a little knowledge  of Joomla.

One parameter deserves further explanation: Search result access.
It controls who can view the search results.

With the default value (Public), all visitors will be able to see the results of the search, even when the returned results are taken from "Registered" / "Special" items. Only the excertp will be visible, while actual items will keep their access levels. 

When "Search result access" is set to "Registered" or "Special", it means that whenever you perform a search, a error message is returned, unless you have the requested level of access.

Before you publish the module, it is advisable to add at least one Custom Property field with at least one value. Otherwise an error message will be shown within the module.

Custom Properties plugin (cptags) can be configured to change the way tags are displayed.

Other functions are explained here


When you uninstall the component, all files and database tables are deleted. It means that  all your works with this component (fields, values, joins, translated values) will be lost. You have been warned: this is not the way to perform upgrades.


The component and the module have been developed to allow the styling with CSS2 style sheets, so that you can easily merge them into your site.