Custom Properties 3 for Joomla 3.x

€ 39,00 each

Compatibility: J3
Deliverables: c + m m m m + p p p
License: GPL2
c Custom Properties Component
The core of the extension. Allows managing and assigning of custom properties to articles and/or other content elements
m Mod CP Search
Builds an advanced search module out of custom properties.
m Mod CP Cloud
Builds a tag cloud using custom properties. Size of tags is proportional to the number of tagged articles.
m Mod CP Menu
Builds a menu using custom properties. Allows to search by tag group in addition to standard search.
m Mod CP News Show
Displays articles tagged CP Tags
p CPTags Content Plugin
Displays custom properties as tags in articles and/or other content elements.
p CPTags Plugin Button
Displays a button under the editor to assign custom properties when editing / creating articles
p CPTags Search Plugin
Makes custom properties tags searchable from standard Joomla search