There are two methods to install Custom Properties:

Install all at once:

  1. download the installer zip file, that contains the component, the modules and the plugins
  2. use Joomla! extension install function : Extensions > Install / Uninstall.
  3. after the installation, review and save CP parameters: Components > Custom Properties > Config > Save. This is *important*. Do not skip this step.
    Starting from Custom Properties 4.0 the installer will take care of saving the parameters after a successful installation. We suggest you revise and customize the parameters anyway.
  4. done

The installer will also enable the plugins, install JoomFish content element end third party content element.

The installer of CP 0.9.x and CP 1.9.x will print some errors during the setup. Please ignore them. Just make sure that the last message reports a successful installation. Then proceed with point 3.

Install parts selectively:

CP consists of several elements: 1 component, 2 or 3 modules and 3 plugins. For each element, use the following procedure:

  1. download the element (plugin, module , etc)
  2. use Joomla! extension install function : Extensions > Install / Uninstall.
  3. done


Remember to review and save CP configuration, after the installation of the component. Components > Custom Properties > Config > Save.
Remember to enable all plugins you installed.


The recommended method to upgrade Custom Properties is to install the latest Custom Properties installer file, that will automatically perform the following actions:

  1. update the database tables, if required
  2. update components, modules and plugins
  3. install JoomFish content element
  4. install third party content element connectors

Please note that your data will not be altered by the operation: either your custom properties and their assignments will remain.

We strongly recommend to perform a DB backup anyway, before attempting an upgrade. Better safe than sorry.


To uninstall Custom Properties all elements it constists of have to be uninstalled separately: Extensions > Install / Uninstall

  1. com_customproperties
  2. mod_cpsearch
  3. mod_cpcloud
  4. mod_cpmenu
  5. mod_cpnews_shpw
  6. plg_cptags (content plugin)
  7. plg_cptags (search plugin)
  8. plg_cptags (editors-xtd)

When you uninstall the component, all files and database tables get deleted too.

It means that  all your works with this component (fields, values, joins, translated values) will be lost. You have been warned: this is not the way to perform upgrades. See relevant document for a detailed procedure.

Joom!Fish - Falang

If Joom!Fish or Falang are detected during the installation process, relevant content elements are installed, so that Custom Properties fields and values can be translated.

If JoomFish / Falang are not present at the time of CP installation, the content elements can be reinstalled by means of the relevant function in Utility menu: Components > Custom Properties > Utilities >Install Falang content elements.

Third party content elements

If supported third party components are detected during installation, CP content elements connectors are installed, thus enabling CP to tag other content elements beside articles.

Content elements can be uninstalled and uninstalled using Components > Custom Properties > Utilities > Manage content elements.