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Multi-Content Tagging & Advanced Search for Joomla

Organizing content by rigidly putting it into only one category, as many Joomla users know, can be limiting.


The majority of entities belong to many categories at the same time. Take an apple for example. Using the standard Joomla! category system, it could be filed under food > fruit.

It's safe to say that a person would describe an apple with many more attributes, practically assigning tags to the apple object.

Tags are nothing new on the web and Joomla! has its choice of good tagging components. The only limit with standard tags implementation is to search by combining more criteria. In fact, one can only click one tag at a time.

Custom Properties - beside showing tags as a cloud or under the article - automatically builds an advanced search module where the user can combine more criteria and filter the content accurately. Therefore it becomes possible to search using more tags at once. There are many more features like creating a result summary, generating images thumbnails, limiting the scope of the search or tagging other content types such as events, videos, etc.

No surprise that Custom Properties has been downloaded and installed on thousands of websites. It's particularly suited for websites offering listings of products, travel agency, real estate & rentals, reviews, job listings, events listings. Great care has been put on making Custom Properties internationalization friendly; therefore it supports UFT-8 tags and urls and it's compatible with Falang.

Try our live demo to see if Custom Properties is the right choice for you.

Custom Properties Demo