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Custom Properties 3 for Joomla 3.x

* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note


-------------------- 3.1.29 2022-10-03 ----------------
!component, mod_cpnews_show
^ fixed syntax of _objectSort, _objectBiSort, etc functions to avoid warnings with recent versions of PHP
# fixed bug that prevented the language to be loaded in frontend tagging view
# fixed warning "Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable" in assign view
^ added "try" around main CP query
+ added update server
-------------------- 3.1.28 2018-01-04 ----------------
!component, mod_cpnews_show, mod_cpsearch
# fixed sorting by id in backend's assign view, for third party content elements
# fixed bug: 'nofollow' attribute not being added to result summary links
# mod_cpsearch: fixed bug in Select field rendering that caused a "Warning in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array..."
# mod_cpsearch: fixed bug with Calendar field (used in date search) throwing a JS error, by forcing Mootools to be loaded
# changed Image processing routines for thumbnails to process correctly filenames containing utf-8 chars
# fixed warning: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$created_by in ..\plugins\content\contact\contact.php on line 60
^ Changed the way that "Page Heading" and "Browser Page Title" are processed, to conform to the latest Joomla standard
^ changed constructor of content element class for forward compatibility with future versions of PHP (used to throw a deprecated message)
+ Add option in main config to return featured items before other results
+ Added option in mod_cpnews_show to show featured items before other results
^ updated content elements connectors to support 'featured' state when available
+ added content element fo jDownloads ver 3.2.52
$ changed language localization files to reflect changes in parameters
-------------------- 3.1.27 2017-07-14 ----------------
! modified cptags content plugin
# fixed bug in cptags content plugin (mysql_real_escape) when assigning tags to new articles
-------------------- 3.1.26 2017-04-13 ----------------
! modified mod_cpcloud, backend
# [mod_cpcloud] Fixed bug in query assembly when "Exclude Custom Properties", "Bind to Custom Properties field", "Bind to category" is set
# fixed bug that limited the number of CP fields in tagging view (i.e. when assigning tags from within an article) to the default list limit.
-------------------- 3.1.25 2017-03-24 ----------------
! modified component, mod_cpsearch
# fixed pagination problem when SEO is ON, Itemid is pointing to CP menu item with a tag set, and the search is performed from mod_cpsearch
-------------------- 3.1.24 2017-16-01 ----------------
! modified mod_cpcloud
# fixes build & packaging problem of release 3.1.23
-------------------- 3.1.23 2017-13-01 ----------------
! modified component frontend and backend, mod_cpcloud
+ added support for default alternate layout
+ added support for module caching to mod_cpcloud
+ added parameters to Custom Properties menu items to override search results header and results summary component-level settings
-------------------- 3.1.22 2016-09-10 ----------------
!modified component
^ improved meta keywords, description and page title handling for Custom Properties menu items
-------------------- 3.1.21 2016-06-10 ----------------
!modified component, modified cptags content plugin
+ added support for custom/alternative layouts to Custom Properties content plugin
-------------------- 3.1.20 2016-05-11 ----------------
! modified mod_cpsearch
$ added translations for JGLOBAL_SELECT_SOME_OPTIONS, in chosen controls
-------------------- 3.1.19 2016-04-04 ----------------
! modified mod_cpnews_show, component, falang content element
^ modified Falang content elements connectors to make them compatible with 2.2.2+ version
^ modified CP autocomplete field to be compatible with latests falang
+ added 'order by random' to module Cp news show
-------------------- 3.1.18 2016-03-01 ----------------
! modified mod_cpsearch, component
# fixed bug with category filtering upon results reordering
# fixed bug with pagination, after results reordering
# fixed bug with 2 improperly referenced functions (getTagNameByGid and getTagLabelByGid) in search.php
+ added parameter to sort categories in category selected in mod_cpsearch
-------------------- 3.1.17 2015-xx-xx ----------------
!added CE
+ added Advanced Portfolio content element connector
-------------------- 3.1.6 2015-09-10 ----------------
! modified mod_cpnews_show
+ added support for native K2 images
+ added English and French language to mod_cpnews_show
-------------------- 3.1.15 2015-07-05 ----------------
!modified frontend, backed, mod_cp_news_show
# fixed a bug in getLastCPValueOrder function, in tagging-ajax controller
+ added results ordering by most viewed
^ made modal window for tagging higher
+ added results ordering by most viewed, to mod CP news show
-------------------- 3.1.14 2015-04-16 ----------------
!modified frontend, backend
+ added tag cration from frontend
+ added parameter to disable 'Edit Tags' link from frontend.
-------------------- 3.1.13 2015-04-16 ----------------
!modified cptags content plugin, backend, mod_cpsearch
# fixed improper tagging of K2 categories
+ added content element connector for com_weblinks for Joomla 3.4.1
# improved compatibility with jDownloads for CPTags content plugin
^ modified images_dir in jdownloads content element connector
# removed strict warning from tagging view
# removed strict warning in frontend tagging
+ (cp_search) added a phone-only visible label above chosen search fields (to compensate for chosen controls shortcomings on mobile devices)
+ (cp_search) added 'lang' variable forwarding in mod_cpearch, to better comply with multilanguage environment
+ (cptags content plugin) added parameter to exclude one or more tags from printing
-------------------- 3.1.12 2015-03-04 ----------------
!modified backend, frontend, DocMan2 plugin, module cpsearch
# changed Custom Properties assign view to be compliant with Joomla 3.4
+ added direct link to Custom Properties Configuration in Components > Custom Properties submenu
+ improved SEF url handling for DocMan2 plugin
+ improved SEF urls for K2 content items
^ modified 'chosen' options: entered words in chosen input fields now allows matches starting from anywhere within a word (instead of matches starting at the beginning of a word)
-------------------- 3.1.11 2015-02-03 ----------------
!modified content plugin
#fixed bug "Call to undefined method JObject::getKeyName()"
-------------------- 3.1.10 2015-15-01 ----------------
! modified frontend
# fixed implementation of "Use tag as page title" (page title displayed in page is different than page title in <title>)
-------------------- 3.1.9 2015-01-02 ----------------
! modified frontend
^ made result summary category ordering the same as results category ordering
^ when "Use tag as page title" option is active, the global "Include Site Name in Page Titles" parameter is honored too
-------------------- 3.1.8 2014-12-12 ----------------
! modified cptags button plugin, cptags content plugin, content element connector
# fixed bug that prevented tagging from within the "edit downloads view" of jDownloads
# modified jDownloads content element connector
^ changed cptags content plugin to better handle onAfterContentSave event (when new content is tagged)
-------------------- 3.1.7 2014-11-24 ----------------
!modified backend
+ added filter "No Tag" in Assign Custom Properties view
-------------------- 3.1.6 2014-10-02 ----------------
!modified frontend, backend, connectors, mod_cpsearch
# fixed minor bug with custom properties plugins trigger
# fixed minor bug in backend's Assign Custom Properties sorting
# fixed bug in JS script that checks whether required fields have been filled (not working with chosen field types)
+ added DocMan 2.x content element connector
+ added jDownloads 3.2.x content element connector
+ added Custom Properties plugin to fix DocMan urls
- removed unused label above sorting options dropdown
-------------------- 3.1.5 2014-05-06 ----------------
!modified backend
+ added compatibility with Joomla 3.3
+ add button to unset 'No result article' parameter
-------------------- 3.1.4 2014-04-24 ----------------
!modified backend, frontend
# fixed bug in stripImages function that occurs when 'last' image is chosen
# fixed bug in backend when sorting by title (happens only with some content elements)
# fixed bug when ordering by Category and Falang is installed
-------------------- 3.1.3 2014-02-04 ----------------
!modified mod_cpearch, backend, language
^ replaced jquery-ui libraries (for autocomplete field) to be compatible with jquery 1.10
$ fixed typo in en-GB admin language
# fixed bug: Reset Tag Filter not working
-------------------- 3.1.2 2014-01-21 ----------------
!modified mod_cpsearch, backend
# prevented error to occur when no CP fields are available in mod_cpsearch
+ Added ACL to component backend
-------------------- 3.1.1 2013-12-03 ----------------
!modified backend
# fixed strict compliance notice administrator/components/com_customproperties/views/tagging/view.html.php on line 31
+ added 'created' column to Assign Custom Properties page
-------------------- 3.1 2013-11-01 ------------------
!modified backend
^ added compatibility with Joomla 3.2
-------------------- 3.0.3 2013-10-10 ----------------
!modified backend, frontend
# fixed bug with K2 (Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ../administrator/components/com_customproperties/views/assign/tmpl/default.php on line 88
-------------------- 3.0.2 2013-09-26 ----------------
modified frontend, mod_cpsearch
^ performance: added lang to module cache id, for mod_cpsearch
^ added control on template name in mod_cpsearch
^ cleanup: removed redundant line in view/search
-------------------- 3.0.1 2013-08-13 ----------------
!modified backend, languages
# removed a debug line from cpquery.class.php
$ added italian language
-------------------- 3.0.0 2013-08-01 ----------------
!initial release