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Changelog CP20 J15

Custom Properties 2.0 for Joomla 1.5

* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note

-------------------- 2.0.4 2012-02-07 ------------------
!modified component, cp_cloud module, cp_menu module, content plugin
^ optimized query building - skipping empty or otherwise values
^ optimization: skipped a query for pagination when there's no results
^ modified customproperties plugin parameters
+ Content Elements now support configurable content states : Published, Non Published, Archived
^ modified content CE , added state_values and cat_table_state_values
^ modified contact CE , added state_values and cat_table_state_values
^ modified contact_enhanced CE , added state_values and cat_table_state_values
+ added Virtuemart CE
+ added K2 CE
+ added content element for eventlist 1.1
$ modified en-GB administrator language
$ modified it-IT administrator language
+ added limit parameter to cpcloud module
+ added sorting parameter to cpcloud module
# re-fixed elusive bug with ContentHelper loading - hopefully for good
# fixed: when search by tag group is performed, page title is now set to tag group *label* (instead of name)
# fixed: sorting by alpha may give problem with some CE, without JF
# fixed plugin: {cptags} gets stripped when not rendered
+ added 'grouped tags' feature
+ added selectable "nofollow" attribute to component
+ added selectable "nofollow" attribute to mod_cpcloud
+ added selectable "nofollow" attribute to mod_cpmenu
+ added selectable "nofollow" attribute to cptags plugin
-------------------- 2.0.3 2010-10-26 ------------------
! modified component, cpsearch module, cptags content plugin
# removed "notice" level from cptags content plugin when custom position is selected
+ added customproperties-type plugin support
+ added a 4th row in component header
+ added "delete selected" tags function, in Assign Custom Properties
^ moved getTagNameById and similar utility functions to helper.php
^ fixed double quote excessive escaping (too many slashes) in component header and in mod cp_search
$ adapted language files to modifications above
# fixed thumbnail aspect when source img is smaller than destination thumbnail
# fixed: in backend Assign Custom Properties, filter by tag doesn't work when 'display #' is set to 'all'
# fixed: highlighting of searched text can break HTML rendering
-------------------- 2.0.2 2010-10-15 ------------------
# removed "notice" warnings from config view when JoomFish is not installed
+ Contact Enhanced content element
+ Contact content element
+ Listbingo content element
+ Phoca download
+ JDownlads content element connector
# thumbnail no longer heve "stripes" when source img is smaller than destination thumbnail
$ completely revised languages. Currently available for backend: English,Italian. Available for frontend Arabic, German, English, Spanish, Persian (Farsi), French, Hebrew, Croatian, Italian, Macedonian, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Swedish.
-------------------- 2.0.1 2011-09-21 ------------------
^ made the label of the default content element ('content') translatable
$ added localized strings in italian e english translation
# proper management of checkbox field default (includes modification in mod_cpsearch and component)
+ added this file (CHANGELOG)